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Why dental sealants are the recommended treatments to prevent tooth decay in Greensboro, NC

Dental sealants have been around for a long time, but are quickly rising to the top as the number one recommended way to help prevent cavities in children. For kids who need a little “extra help” preventing tooth decay, sealants are a quick, easy, and effective solution.

What are dental sealants and who needs them?

Dental sealants work by sealing out food, plaque and bacteria and are most commonly used on molars. The plastic material is put over the chewing surfaces of the teeth to fill in and smooth them out. This eliminates trapped food particles that are targets for cavity-causing bacteria.

Sealants can last up to ten years and will be monitored during regular dental exams.

The best candidates for dental sealants are children, and the biggest reason is that children aren’t always the most thorough brushers, and this is especially true for the harder to reach molars in the back of the mouth. Additionally, children who are genetically prone to decay are also prime candidates for sealants.

When should we consider dental sealants?

The American Dental Association’s recommendations for sealants are after the emergence of permanent teeth, which usually occurs around age 6. For most children, the last set of molars breaks through around age 12.

The dental sealant process

Sealants are applied during a quick and painless procedure. First, the dentist will clean and dry the teeth and then apply a gel to ensure the sealant bonds correctly. The gel is rinsed off and the tooth is then dried again before placing the sealant compound onto the chewing surfaces of the teeth.

At the office of Dr. Sona J. Isharani, DDS in Greensboro, NC, our entire team is committed to making sure your child enjoys a lifetime of healthy teeth. Call us at (336) 804-8668 to learn more.



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