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Last resort, tooth extractions may be a viable option due to certain dental diseases in children

At Triad Pediatric Dentistry in Jamestown, NC, Dr. Sona Isharani and her team see children who are in need of having a tooth safely extracted. The tooth extraction procedure is always considered a last resort for children who have teeth which are so damaged that they cannot be repaired. This damage can be caused by tooth decay which has left the tooth in a state which cannot be repaired, but there are other reasons including a physical damage. Whatever the reason may be, if Dr. Isharani recommends a tooth be extracted, you can rest easy that it is done in a manner which is incredibly safe and will leave your child in excellent dental health.

Many parents may not understand the importance is trying to preserve a baby tooth. Afterall, won’t it fall out eventually anyway? While this is true, baby teeth play essential roles in the dental and jaw bone development of your child. This is why extraction should be considered a last resort. In some cases, extractions must be done as there is no other option. Let’s look at a couple scenarios where this is the issue.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is the number one reason, worldwide, for tooth extraction. There are reasons why decay can get to the point to where the tooth cannot be saved. Reasons could include that the child has not been brought into the dentist in a timely manner allowing decay of the tooth to progress. Once decay starts, it first affects the tooth’s enamel but, once it progresses past the enamel, it can quickly start affecting the inner portion of the tooth called the dentin. Once this deterioration starts, irreversible damage could be taking place. Your dentist will pursue avenues to help restore the tooth but, at some point, the damage will be irreversible, and the tooth will have to be extracted.

Gum Disease

Untreated gum disease can be as destructive as tooth decay. When gum disease is left untreated, it can lead to advanced stages of periodontitis. When periodontitis gets to a point, teeth can begin to come loose and supporting bone structure deteriorates. As these supporting structures begin to degenerate, teeth can begin to come loose. At some point the teeth can begin falling out or require extraction.

These are just a couple reasons why tooth extraction may be necessary for your child. If your child is facing dental issues or if they just need an exam or cleaning, please call Triad Pediatric Dentistry at ((336) 804-8668 today!


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