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Greensboro NC pediatric dentist is here for your dental emergency!

As every parent knows, children get all sorts of bumps and bruises in their lives. Whether from an active sports schedule or just their normal daredevil ways, chances are high that, at some point, your child will have a dental emergency. Dr. Sona Isharani, pediatric dentist, located in Greensboro, NC, has helped countless parents and children with emergency dental services. At Dr. Isharani’s office, we believe in helping make your life as a parent easier. That’s why we provide compassionate, top-notch care and advice.

Common pediatric dental emergencies:

  • Knocked out teeth: If it is a baby tooth, have your child rinse his or her mouth and prepare for the tooth fairy! Just give us a call during normal business hours, as typically this isn’t an emergency. If the tooth is a permanent one, try to locate the tooth reinsert if you can. If not and place in a cup of milk or your child’s saliva. Call us immediately! Don’t let the tooth dry out.
  • Chipped or broken teeth: Call Dr. Sona right away! We can often save a broken tooth with quick action. Also have your child gently rinse the mouth with water.
  • Toothaches: If it seems your child is in a lot of pain from a tooth, or the face is swollen, call us immediately. Attempt to gently clean the affected area, then rinse with warm water. Do not apply heat to the face or tooth area! Use a cool compress to help with swelling or pain.

Why Dr. Sona is the best at helping with your child’s dental emergency needs:

  • Dr. Sona is known for her compassion for both your child and you. As a parent, she has the unique ability to help calm both you and your child.
  • She keeps up-to-date on dental advances through membership in numerous dental professional groups.

Even if your emergency occurs after-hours, please give us a call. Our excellent after-hours advice can help you determine your course of action, whether that involves the emergency room or an appointment the following day. You aren’t alone! We can help you. (336) 804-8668.


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Sona J. Isharani, DDS
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My 2 1/2 year old would not open up her mouth or have anyone look at her teeth until we saw Dr. Sona. She LOVED it and is still talking about her pink tooth crown from her check-up!
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