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Dentist in Greensboro, NC Offering Appliance to Help Your Child Avoid the Long-Term Impacts of Thumb Sucking

Nearly all young infants and children utilize thumb sucking to self-soothe and provide themselves comfort. The stimulation provided by this activity is harmless at such a young age. Thumb sucking has even been found to reduce the risk of your child developing allergies. If your baby or young child sucks their thumb, a dentist in Greensboro, NC, offers appliances to help children stop this habit.

Once a child reaches three to four years old, you will want to start weaning your child from this damaging habit. Allowing a child to continue thumb sucking could lead to complications in developing their face, jaw, and teeth.

The Impact of Long-Term Thumb Sucking on Development

Rightfully so, thumb sucking is not looked at by many parents as a problematic issue. In many cases, these parents are correct. Most children will stop thumb sucking without parental intervention. However, some children have a more challenging time moving on from this habit and continue sucking their thumb past the age of four. These children could be posing a threat to the development of their teeth, lips, and face. More than just their teeth, thumb sucking could possibly narrow the palate or upper jaw.

This habit can result in a high vaulted palate, flaring of the upper teeth, and upper jaw growth that is stunted. Prolonged thumb sucking can also cause an absence of space between teeth, lip incompetence, and an anterior open bite.

These are all reasons that you need to assist your child in ending their thumb sucking habit. Appliances such as Dr. Isharani offers can be of great help to parents trying to get their children to stop thumb sucking. If you are interested in learning more about appliances for stopping thumb sucking and how they can help, please call Triad Pediatric Dentistry today at (336) 804-8668.

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