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Kids White Fillings

white filling for teeth from Sona J. Isharani, DDS in greensboro nc Despite our best efforts, sometimes kids get cavities. When that happens, we offer white fillings at our Greensboro office. This conservative treatment stops the spread of decay and restores the tooth.

What are white fillings?

We use safe, non-toxic composite resin. It is applied directly to the tooth, and then shaped and hardened. Unlike metal fillings, resin easily conforms to the shape of the tooth. Therefore, minimal drilling and tooth preparation are needed. The decay is removed, the filling is placed, and the procedure is complete in one appointment.

The importance of treating cavities – even in baby teeth

A cavity is not simply an eroded area. Decay is an oral disease, and once it begins, it will spread unless treated. Improving a child’s nutrition and hygiene habits may prevent future cavities, but will not fix one that has already formed.

Many parents assume cavities are not a cause for concern until a child begins developing his or her adult teeth. However, dental problems can be just as painful for a child as they are for an adult. Additionally, advanced decay can lead to the premature loss of baby teeth, which is problematic for several reasons:

  • The first set of teeth act as guides for growth and development. They are like temporary space holders for adult teeth that will develop later.
  • Like adults, children may feel self-conscious about “decayed teeth.” This is especially true after they start school and begin social interactions.
  • Teeth play a crucial role in the formation of certain words and sounds. Premature loss of baby teeth can impede proper development of speech.

If your child has a cavity, chipped tooth, or any other dental concern, call us right away. You can reach Sona J. Isharani, DDS at (336) 804-8668 to arrange an appointment with Dr. Sona.

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Sona J. Isharani, DDS
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My 2 1/2 year old would not open up her mouth or have anyone look at her teeth until we saw Dr. Sona. She LOVED it and is still talking about her pink tooth crown from her check-up!
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