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Childrens Dental Extractions

less pain Children's Dental Extractions from Sona J. Isharani, DDS in greensboro nc At Sona J. Isharani, DDS in Greensboro, our number one goal is to help children develop and maintain healthy teeth. Unfortunately, there are times when restoring a tooth is not possible, and extraction is the only option. Dr. Sona takes great care to ensure that the area is completely numb and the procedure is comfortable.

When are extractions necessary?

Although a baby tooth is destined to fall out within a few years, it serves essential functions in the meantime. These teeth guide dental and bone development, acting as space holders for the adult teeth that will later emerge. Therefore, we preserve the tooth with a filling, crown, or other restorative treatment whenever possible. Extraction is considered a last resort, only when the tooth is unrestorable. The most common problem is rampant decay, which can destroy a tooth over time. This is one of the reasons that we strongly advise proactive preventive care and regular dental visits.

When a tooth must be pulled

Tooth extraction is a straightforward procedure, and does not need to be painful. We discuss the procedure and allow the child time to get comfortable before beginning. Sedation is also available, if needed. Once the area is completely numb, Dr. Sona uses precision techniques to remove the tooth efficiently with minimal force.

We offer LLHA (lower lingual holding arch) appliances to facilitate optimal oral development, even after the loss of a baby tooth. These appliances are designed to maintain the position of remaining teeth, just as a baby tooth would. They are made of thin, lightweight wire to ensure comfort. The band is attached and held in place by loops secured over remaining teeth.

We understand that kids are nervous about extractions, and so are their parents. You can take the fear out of dental procedures with quality care from Sona J. Isharani, DDS. Just give us a call at (336) 804-8668 to arrange an appointment.

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My 2 1/2 year old would not open up her mouth or have anyone look at her teeth until we saw Dr. Sona. She LOVED it and is still talking about her pink tooth crown from her check-up!
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